Atlan is a metadata management platform. Atlan helps data teams with a lot of tables manage the complexity of keeping them annotated, organized, and generally fit for use. Common problems solved by Atlan include:

* Data Discovery — When you have a lot of data, it's hard to even know which tables exist. And it's even harder to know which are reliable, which connect to what BI dashboards, etc.

* Lineage — The column you care about may be the end result of a data transformation chain that's 10 queries long. When you want to look under the hood, you need to know where your data came from.

* Governance — You may need to restrict sensitive information, or prevent sandbox jobs from accidentally writing over important tables.

* Collaboration — Most data sets aren't complete or correct from day one, they evolve over time as team members collaborate to improve them. Capturing this collaboration in-platform means it's referenceable, rather than spread across old email and Slack messages.

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