Hex is a collaborative data workspace that makes it easy to go from notebook-based analysis to interactive data apps. The best way to learn about Hex is to watch the demo from their homepage, but here's our take on the two biggest reasons why we love the product.

The first is that Hex gives data scientists a much better notebook interface — letting you do work that feels a lot more like writing sharable, maintainable code and a lot less like desperately trying to get Untitled27.ipynb to work a month after somebody else wrote it. You get version control, secret management, file storage, packaging, etc. in a way that's easy to use when you need it and out of your way when you don't. All this adds up to make data scientist to data scientist collaboration a lot better. But Hex's notebook improvements aren't just about best practices — there's also a lot of productivity ✨magic✨ that makes notebooking faster, like the ability to query pandas with SQL and the power to seamlessly {{template}} warehouse queries with Python variables.

The second thing we love about Hex is how easy it is to create interactive data apps from notebooks. You can literally just drag-and-drop notebook cell outputs into a dashboard canvas or a data narrative document, without having to do any additional setup. Hex treats user input widgets (numeric sliders, text entry, whatever) as just another type of cell, so it's seamless to program interactivity into your apps.

We're barely scratching the surface here — we haven't even talked about Hex's reactive model or the best tabular output display you've ever seen in a notebook. Go check out the product, & read the latest straight from the source!

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