Preql lets you build data transformations without knowing SQL. Users create transforms in Preql's GUI, and then Preql "compiles" the transform into SQL and integrates it into your analytics engineering stack.

One of the reasons self-serve analytics is hard is that business users can't transform data on their own. BI tools did a good job of letting users build charts and do analysis, but if any of the underlying data needed meaningful transformation before it could be analyzed, that job had to be kicked back to the data team. This severely restricts business users, confining them to using a small set of "analyst-ready" tables created by analytics engineers.

Preql solves this problem by letting business users transform their own data. Importantly, under the hood Preql integrates with the existing analytics stack, so these business user transforms aren't stuck inside a proprietary system; Preql lets business users contribute transformations alongside analytics engineers, as part of the same system.

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