Privacy Dynamics

Privacy Dynamics is a data anonymization tool — it lets you easily scrub PII and other sensitive info from your warehouse, and create privacy-safe tables for analysis.

Most data teams want to restrict access to PII, and protect other sensitive data. Historically, it was a huge pain to do this: most data anonymization products were built for the compliance team's standards rather than the data team's productivity, and as a result protecting PII often meant slowing data teams down.

Privacy Dynamics solves the PII problem in a data-team-first fashion, making it fast and easy to anonymize tables. You tell PD which columns to mask, which tables to k-anonymize, etc., and PD will automatically and repeatedly create privacy-safe copies that are as close to the originals as possible. Because the _original and _safe tables are kept in sync, you can easily swap between them in different environments.

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